29 mayo, 2023

Mexican Navy and US Coast Guard rescue a boat adrift 40 miles from Ensenada


Nine people who were adrift aboard a smaller vessel approximately 36 nautical miles (66 kilometers) off the coast of Ensenada, Baja California, were rescued by a ship of the Mexican Navy’s Coast Guard, enforcing the National Maritime Authority, alerted by the United States Coest Guard, according to a press release issued by the Second Naval Region.

It all happened when personnel from the Second Naval Region received an alert call, from the US Coast Guard regarding a small vessel, with engine failure, nine people on board, which was in the custody of the surface unit “HADDOCK” of the 11th. District of San Diego, United States, in order to prevent it from going adrift in the Pacific Ocean, just over 60 kilometers (40 miles) from the coast of Ensenada.

A boat’s engine stopped working, in the Pacific Ocean just over 60 kilometers from the coast of Ensenada, its crew members were rescued by elements of the Mexican Navy, alerted by the US Coast Guard.

Orders were given to save those people at sea, an MLB-type vessel from the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station of Ensenada was ordered to set sail, heading to the given location in order to carry out the meeting and receive the nine-crew members (3 women and 6 men).

Once located, they were transshipped, and transferred to a safe port, maintaining the sanitary measures Covid19 sanitary measures all the time. Upon arrival at the Naval Command, Navy Health personnel provided them with medical attention, finding them in good physical shape, so they were able to walk out the Navy facilities, there was no information about the boat they were on in the Navy’s press release, but it might have been towed to Ensenada.

Second Naval Region makes the phone number (646) 177-3830 available to citizens for emergency care at sea. Likewise, the Secretary of the Navy shares the following contact numbers: 800 627-4621 and 800 MARINA1.

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