11 diciembre, 2023

Ojos Negros aerodrome authorized by Federal Government, big news for Ensenada: Mayor Ayala


An aerodrome in Ojos Negros was authorized by the SCT (Department of Communications and Transportation), said Ensenada Mayor Armando Ayala Robles. “It will be a landing strip for cargo and small passenger planes for seven years, and then it could be turned into a larger airport, which would trigger development of Ojos Negros-Valle de Guadalupe corridor,” he explanied.

There are many things happening all around Ensenada, Ojos Negros and Guadalupe Valley, a vital part of Baja California, but growth has to be sustainable in order to protect the original vocation of these lands, wineries that are some of the states most important industries.

Ensenada Mayor Armando Ayala said: “The Beer Fest is soon to be held, brewers from all over the world will visit Ensenada, the vintage celebrations, there will be concerts again, such as Andrea Bocelli; BUT the real big news is that, after 42 years, the World Wine Congress will take in Ensenada; beating eight states who also wanted to host it, among them Querétaro, also wine producing wine state,  October 31 to November 4, people from all over the world will attend, scientists, producers, oenologists, wine merchants, at Baja Center, also celebrating Ensenada’s anniversary.

Regarding the Guadalupe Valley issues, he warned his administration is determined to set things in order for a sustainable development, “it shouldn’t be seen as a witch hunt, it is our duty and businessmen and investors, who respect the Law, have been asking for it for years”.

Mayor Ayala’s words echo the cry for help of Guadalupe Valley, since local wineries, which produce more than 72% of Mexico´s wine, sold around the world, are endangered by an uncontrolled growth, losing identity, a relevant industry and an ecosystem that need to be looked after.

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