29 septiembre, 2022

Airport opens for San Felipe 250 Off road racing teams . . . and then maybe some more


San Felipe airport has been a wasteland of sorts for eons, it could have been a development trigger for this tourist attraction in Baja California, but there have been many attempts to ignite operations there, fruitless efforts. As of March 7, the runway of San Felipe International Airport begins operations. Aiming to provide service to Road Baja San Felipe 250 race teams who will arrive by plane.

As of this 7th of March, SIDURT (Secretariat of Infrastructure, Urban Development and Territorial Reorganization( will be in charge of the operations, working in coordination with the Federal Civil Aviation Agency, said Governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda: “I’m glad the Airport will serve the San Felipe 250 off-road teams that are coming to race by airplane”.   

Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo, SIDURT head officer, said they will take care of operational conditions for the airport, aiming to provide an extraordinary service to the participating teams of the Baja San Felipe 250 race.

If what Secretary Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo (SIDURT) said is for real, and they keep providing service, as well as minor maintenance in the International Airport, there may be more flights, mainly private, as long as all necessary safety measures to guarantee operations are implemented, it might be the key to activate air traffic to San Felipe in the near future.

San Felipe airport runway, open since March 7, it may detonate San Felipe´s activity or it may fall into oblivion again, it´s quite a challenge for the new Municipality.

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