9 diciembre, 2023

Mexicali mortuary service delivered empty casket to a dead person´s relatives, shut down by federal delegate


A mortuary delivered an empty casket to the relatives if a 70 year old woman, whose relatives realized about when they were just about to bury her, so the business was shut down by the federal delegate in Baja California, Alejandro Ruiz Uribe, who said that twelve funerary services have been closed down, due to abusive commercial practices during the pandemic crisis.

The name if the mortuary is Funararia San José, located on F street in Mexicali, Ruiz got there and sealed the business, explained that the services that the business will remain closed until the legal representative fulfills all the requirements and fix irregularities, and said that they also lacked some paperwork which had to be taken care of, so they also have to rearrange that before they start operating again.

It´s a shame that these businesses visualize the COVID19 crisis as a chance to get fast an easy money, preying of people´s suffering in these hard times that Baja California, Mexico and the rest of the world are going through and make a profit out of the deceased, a sad but true fact which has occurred in several types of business these days in Baja California.

Ruiz Uribe advised the public, if they have been victims of abusive commerce practices, of any kind whatsoever, to contact the Federal Consumer´s Attorney (PROFECO) dialing 01 800 468 87 22, 664 684 86 62, 664 684 97 83, where they will get immediate assistance.

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