3 octubre, 2023

Looking for the bodies of two boys who disappeared in Mexicali in 2019, a cold case took a sinister turn this week

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It was 2019, two young boys “vanished”, they were last seen leaving a club in Mexicali after midnight, they were never seen again, a case which shook Mexicali, they were two fine young men who were looking for fun and found death, at least that´s the allegation, since their bodies were never found, but this week, this case took a strange turn, to say the least.

NGO groups and the State Commission for the Disappeared have been looking for their bodies for the last couple of days, three years later, they have been digging in a property in ejido Islas Agrarias B, Mexicali Valley, searching there, because, two days ago, a man declared that the boys had been murdered and buried there.

The afore mentioned man’s story is a horror movie of sorts which began Monday in Mexicali, when two men, wearing vests with State Attorney´s insignia, tired to detain a man but they failed in their attempt, the man turned out death about a day and half after that, while the FGE (State Attorney) denied any involvement.

Then, a video was “filtered”, it was all over social media, showing the man, whose surname is Zatarain, severely hurt by torture, confessing the whereabouts of the two young men’s bodies, he said they had been buried in a property in Islas Agrarias, owned by a guy identified as “Chito”, who is already in jail being tried for “illegal deprivation of freedom” (kidnapping).

He also says that he took part on the abduction and killing of the boys, but his brother, who is a Public Ministry (MP) Agent for the FGE, “pulled some strings” to get him “off the hook”, while the man identified as “Chito” is in jail for kidnapping, but if the bodies are found the charge would be murder, and this case, which had gone cold for a couple of years lay, at last, could be solved, mostly for the boys’ families peace of mind.

Therefore, the kidnapping and murder of a man in Mexicali, opens up a gutter, where the name an FGE MP Agent is mentioned as part of a corruption scheme to get his brother out of trouble, when the State General Attorney, Ricardo Carpi was asked about him, he replied that Agent Zatarain (the dead man´s brother) was “suspended pending investigation”.

It could be the plot of a “cinema noir” movie, the attempt to abduct the man, which was frustrated because people started recording with their cell phones, and the Police vests the men were wearing were visible, then the FGE denied any knowledge or involvement, implying they were wearing fake insignia, and it turned to a very mischievous plot when Zatarain was found dead with several shots to the face and body.

As of the time of this report he bodies of the two young men haven´t been found yet, the search continues in the so called Chito’s Ranch in ejido Islas Agrarias in Mexicali Valley, a story worth of a horror movie plot, there is a video of the tortured man confessing but THE BAJA POST has a policy about showing those kind of images, but the story is what matters and we will continue to tell it.

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