20 marzo, 2023

Ensenada Mardi Gras to be held from February 16 to 21, 78 thousand tourists are expected to attend: Mayor Ayala Robles


Ensenada Mardi Gras festivities were held for the first time in 1918, this will be the 105th  Edition of the so called “carnaval” in Spanish, the 2023 edition grants the  chance of celebrating with family and friends the greatness of the history and culture of the port, “but, let’s do it responsibly and with great pride to be from Ensenada,” said Municipal President Armando Ayala Robles, who added that they expect an influx of 78 thousand people for the event.

The activities of the Carnival of Ensenada “Historia y Alegría” 2023, are to be held from February 16 to 21, after 13 years, it will return to the streets of the Historic Centrl District in the heart of the city, said Mayor Ayala Robles.

They are expecting arrival of tourists from northern Sonora, all over the Baja California peninsula, Southern California, United States, as well as Arizona with an estimated economic benefit of more than 70 million pesos.

Ayala Robles said that, after two years without massive celebrations due to the health contingency, this year,  Ensenada City Hall -with its own budget- took charge of the details and other preparations for this Mardi Gras festival which has a history of 105 years of tradition.

“For this Ensenadaa Mardi Gras edition, we decided that it would not be grated to any individual, so that it would not be a business for a few. We want this event to be for the enjoyment of our families and visitors, to highlight its history and cultural value,” said Ayala Robles.

Hire an insurance policy against damage

In an unprecedented event, Mayor Ayala Robles announced that a damage insurance policy was taken and agreed to protect the assets of merchants with premises within the festivities area, covering up to 100 thousand pesos in case of fire and/or theft; and 50 thousand pesos for glass breakage.

“The concern of business owners located in the Historic Center District is understandable, since for years they have worked hard to gain their heritage. Therefore, in addition to insurance against damage, there will be an important security device to protect the area,” he stressed.

He reiterated the invitation to the local population and tourists to enjoy the activities responsibly; to avoid situations that put their own integrity and that of third parties at risk; and, at all times abide by the instructions of the police personnel who will protect the area.

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