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“Never rarely sometimes always”, won the grand prize at Los Cabos film festival 2021


Eliza Hittman’s “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” won the top prize at Mexico’s Los Cabos Film Festival, adding the award to a brace of trophies dating back this year to a Silver Bear at Berlin and the U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award in Sundance.

los cabos film festival

«Never rarely sometimes always»

Tipped as a contender in 2021’s Oscar race, teen drama “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” was hailed by Variety as a “quietly devastating gem,” “both of a piece with, and a significant step forward from” Hittman’s prior youth-in-crisis works “Beach Rats” and “It Felt Like Love.”

«In between dying»

Mexican writer-director Bruno Santamaría Razo’s “Things We Dare Not Do” won Los Cabos Film Festival Cinecolor-Shalalá Award. The second doc feature from Bruno Santamaría Razo whose debut “Margarita” won a Mezcal Prize special mention at the 2016 Guadalajara Festival, “Things We Dare Not Do,” sits on the borderlands between documentary and fiction, it tells the story of a gay teen’s life in a Mexican village ravaged by homophobia and homicide; which makes his decision to come out to his parents all the more courageous and affecting.

«Cosas que no hacemos»

Santamaría’s film has so far won best documentary at the Chicago Festival and Chile’s Viña del Mar Festival among other kudos. A U.S.-Mexico-Azerbaijan co-production, “In Between Dying,” directed by Hilal Baydarov scooped an Art Kingdom Award. Produced by Baydarov and Elshan Abbasov, co-produced by celebrated Mexican director Carlos Reygadas, “Dying” is executive produced by Danny Glover. A dream parable, which premiered in Venice, it charts an existential journey of a serial killer through Azerbaijani landscapes.

The feature debut of New York-based Xavier J. Velasco, “The Eye of the Days” nabbed the best project CTT Exp & Rentals Award for a mystery thriller about a man who stumbles on a manuscript that depicts events from his own past life.

Other industry awards went to Carlos Lenin’s “Dios y la cumbia del Diablo” and “Las Hostilidades,” by M. Sebastian Molina. “Diablo” tracks an accordionist who sells his soul to the Devil, a hitman who loves cumbia. Doc feature “Hostilidades” depicts a family living in a small village regarded as one of the most dangerous places in Mexico, once again Los Cabos Film Festival has been a sucess even when the COVID19 pandemics has affected this and other .


Wolfwalkers: Animated cinematic magic, is part of Los Cabos International Film Festival


Wolfwalkers is part of the 2020 edition of the Los Cabos International Film Festival, whose hybrid edition allowed this story to be seen throughout the country this November 15 on its website. Later, the film directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart will reach more than 100 countries – including Mexico – this December 11 through Apple TV +.

There are times of tyranny. More than ever, we have waged an endless battle against those who have been singled out as our enemies. Could it be that our hearts still remember what solidarity is? Will we still be able to take a moment and reflect on our reality? In an extremely complex context for humanity, Wolfwalkers comes to our screens as a powerful tale of empathy when hopelessness seems to have taken hold of us.

“I hope Wolfwalkers can inspire a little empathy in everyone,” says Oscar nominee Tomm Moore. “I can’t remember who said it, but someone once mentioned that cinema is an empathy machine. Showing someone else’s world, someone else’s point of view, allows us to imagine ourselves in the shoes of others; either through those who are considered intruders and who we have been told that we should hate”.

Wolfwalkers tells the story of Robyn Goodfellowe, a little English girl who emigrates to Ireland with Bill, her father, a hunter who must help a community that seeks to eradicate the pack of wolves that threaten her. Forced to stay locked up at home, Robyn begins to develop her talents in her father’s profession. Her desire to explore the world around her new home leads her to discover something unknown about that group of animals. From the hand of a peculiar girl named Mebh MacTíre, Robyn understands that the real threat that endangers her life is not really the one she has been told forever.wolfwalkers

This quest for seized freedom, which shows tyranny at its most aggressive, becomes very familiar to 21st century audiences. For Stewart, what drives little Robyn’s rebellious spirit is something that is germinated in those who will be the future of the world. “When young people around the world begin to realize who they are, and what kind of adults they are becoming, they face great rejection, either from their parents or from society; even among his colleagues. There is great pressure surrounding them. And many times, it takes great courage for them to rebel against that and say, ‘no. This is who I am, this is what I believe in and this is what I want to become. I think it is a very important phase. That’s something universal and I hope the Wolfwalkers audience will react to that.”

Eating disorders begin with people´s emotional relationships with food, said CETYS University Psychologist


The lack of knowledge of the emotional relationship with food makes many Mexicans underestimate the connection between body and mind. For example, obesity is much more than a physical condition, as it is configured by emotional elements that include anxiety, fear and rejection, which, if not detected in time, can trigger potentially harmful problems for comprehensive health, commented Professor Marylin Martínez, form the School of Psychology of CETYS University Campus Mexicali.

CETYS University

Professor Marylin Martínez, from the School of Psychology of CETYS University Campus Mexicali

She also said that it is rare for people to reflect on their relationship with food, and even more so, that they know how to identify if it is stable, healthy and balanced, or if they experience dysfunctions, alterations or some kind of problem.

Fortunately, the adoption of lifestyles that take care of physical and mental well-being is increasingly popular among Mexicans, who are turning to the multi and interdisciplinary work of health professionals to improve their quality of life. In this work, the health psychologist plays a fundamental role, since she collaborates in the promotion and maintenance of an adequate lifestyle, as well as in the treatment of disorders and diseases when they occur, she pointed out.

Until relatively recently, according to the CETYS University professor, it used to be normal to live with discomforts such as fear, anxiety, insecurity and high levels of stress caused by the accelerated rhythms of work and the environment in which people develop in their different environments, and that sometimes they become somaticized, going from being an emotion or cognition to manifesting through physical pain and suffering.

In this regard, Professor Martínez issued three recommendations to be carried out gradually and progressively by those living with a chronic disease:

Create habits that take responsibility for your health: Promote your quality of life by creating and maintaining habits such as drinking water, doing 30 minutes of daily exercise, meditating, praying, and doing recreational activities of your choice

Eating as an act of self-care: Food choices are conditioned by factors such as education, knowledge of the environment, industry, personal tastes and preferences. Therefore, when planning, preparing, preparing and, finally, eating food, you must do it from the awareness of the need to ingest nutrients.

Seek professional help: It is normal not to be able to alone. In case of wanting to obtain improvements in the general state of health through a better diet, and not being able or not knowing how to do it, it is best to seek multidisciplinary professional support in which a doctor, a nutritionist and a psychologist participate.

«Psychologists have instrumentation and specific intervention techniques for each disease, where psychoeducation is provided to each patient and her family, as well as effective tools to improve their style and quality of life,» she said.


CETYS Professor talks about Mexico & USA binational relations after 2020 Presidential election


The Democrat Joe Biden and the Republican and current President Donald Trump are the contenders to rule the most powerful country in the world for the next 4 years. One of them will be proclaimed the winner in a couple of weeks, as long as there are no controversies during the electoral process that force the United States Judiciary to determine the winner.


Doctor Francisco Velez Torres, direfctor of CETYS Campus Mexicali school of Administration, spoke about Mexico´s expectations after next Tuesday´s election

A few days before the presidential election, Biden leads Trump by about 10 points globally, outpacing him in key swing states so broadly as to assume that Biden is able to get 270 Electoral College votes; However, at this time the victory of both is possible, said Dr. Francisco Vélez Torres, Director of the College of Business and Administration of CETYS University System.

«It can be said that regardless of who the President of the United States is for the next 4 years, the binational relationship with Mexico, especially on the border, maintains the expectation of continuing to be dynamic, productive and beneficial for both countries.»

However, he clarified, it is always desirable that all the variables add, and the presidential variable can add differently depending on the figure that occupies that position.


Day of the Death in Mexico, Grand Velas Resort in Los cabos is a great choice for November 1 & 2


day of the death

GRAND VELAS Resort in Los Cabos is an excellent choice to spend and celebrate de Day of the Death

This year, Mexico’s Velas Resorts is helping travelers at home host their own Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration by offering a lineup of festive at-home activities. The award-winning resort collection, with properties in Los Cabos, Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit, and Puerto Vallarta, shares history behind Mexican arts, free virtual Zoom backgrounds, recipes for traditional Mexican dishes with seasonal ingredients, and more.

Celebrated all across Mexico, the Day of the Death (Nov 1 and 2) is a Mexican holiday created to honor and remember deceased loved ones. Traditionally, people will celebrate by preparing food and drinks and decorate ofrendas, or elaborate altars, created upon loved one’s gravesites in hopes to be reunited with them again.

Alebrijes, Mexican Spirit Animals:
Travelers at home can learn about traditional Mexican crafts such as Alebrijes, or Mexican folk art sculptures. Typically made of cardboard, wood, or clay, these mystical figurines with deep-rooted history have inspired creativity from around the world, including in modern cinema. In fact, alebrijes were recently depicted as “spirit animals” in the Disney movie, Coco. Additionally, kids visiting Grand Velas Los Cabos, Grand Velas Riviera Maya, and Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit can create their own Alebrije with the resorts’ exclusive Alebrijes painting class in its Kids’ Club. More information about their history and cultural significance can be found here.

Festive Backgrounds:
Jazz up a virtual work meeting or friendly video happy hour with a new Día de Los Muertos Zoom background. ‘Scapes range from Catrina makeup inspiration to a colorfully decorated ofrenda.

Traditional Food Recipes:
Foodies can get a taste of traditional Día de Los Muertos dishes as well as seasonal Mexican recipes thanks to Grand Velas Riviera Maya. The resort shares recipes for Cempasúchil Tea (Dead Tea) and its signature Energy Bites made with a special ingredient: pumpkin pie spice here as well as Oaxaca-style Pan de Muertos (Bread of the Death)