3 octubre, 2023

Wanted in the USA since 2017 a Mexican jail inmate was delivered to the American authorities


A man, who was wanted in the US since 2017, had been sentenced in Mexico for assault and robbery, he was an inmate in El Hongo penitentiary in Tecate, but by request of American authority, he was sent back to the United States to face justice.

Baja California State Attorney (FGE), delivered a man from Imperial, California, to the US authority, he had an outstanding arrest warrant for attempted murder, assault and robbery, according to a press release by the FGE.

The FGE International Liaison office, received a request from the US MARSHALS, who had located CARLOS “X”, 38 years old, a very dangerous man, who had been wanted by American justice since 2017, he had been sentenced for attempting to kill a person during a violent robbery.

He was in jail for a while but when he got paroled, he fled and crossed the border to Baja California, further investigations established he was “doing time” in a Mexican jail in El Hongo, in a mountain near Tecate, for a very similar crime.

Once he was utterly identified and once the paperwork was done by Mexico´s National Institute of Immigration, he was delivered to the American authority.



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