10 diciembre, 2023

Lenient sentences continue due to “abbreviated trial”, this time a man who raped a 5 year old got only 7 years


Lenient sentences continue to be given, due to abbreviated sentences obtained by a settlement with the court, this tima a man, who deserves to be called an animal, who raped a little girl, was sentenced to seven years in prison in a Mexicali Court, his name is César González Rojas and he abused a minor almost six years ago, he sexually abused a 5 year old girl  on November 25, 2016, said the State Attorney General (FGE) in a press release.

Everything happened in Hidalgo Section of Mexicali, a troublesome neighborhood, he was left in charge of the little girl, whom he was supposed to be taking care of, but instead he sexually assaulted her, according to information from the FGE.

Due to the aforementioned heinous acts from such a sick individual, the Public Justice Minister ordered the investigation proceedings to clear what happened and determine if the man was guilty of such an inhuman misdemeanor.

All the evidence, such as the victim’s statement and other proof elements were collected, there was a psychology report about the victims harm by the rapist and the Investigation report, among others set the basis for the Judge to sentence this person to seven years in jail, which was deemed lenient by several people.

The FGE pointed out that, during the hearing in the agreement for the early conclusion of the criminal process, an abbreviated procedure was held in which the person sentenced today accepted the crime committed, once again the “abbreviation” of justice casts the shadow of leniency for an animal that deserved much more than that.

Through this result, the State Attorney General’s Office reiterates its commitment to strengthen investigative work in crimes committed against minors, especially those in a vulnerable situation, in order to achieve convictions for minors responsible for committing crimes.

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