20 marzo, 2023

Open registration for the BioMedTech Hackathon to be held in Tijuana September 9 to 11: BC Economy Secretary Kurt Honold


The main goal of the BioMedTech Hackathon to encourage creativity, innovation, teamwork and promote high-impact entrepreneurship in the health sector and position Baja California as a binational service center, said Baja California  Secretary of Economy and Innovation, Kurt Honold Morales.

The event will be held from September 9 to 11 in Tijuana, at the Bit Center, said Mr. Honold in a press conference and the goal is to register about 150 participants.

As part of the organizing committee, ITjuana Senior Binational Councilor, Patricia Hernández, informed that the event encourages participants to explore new ways to overcome the ever-growing challenges society faces in biomedical technology and medical devices.

The BioMedTech Hackathon offers participants opportunities to develop new technical skills, learning from mentors and experts from the field of Information Technologies in the public and private sectors.

The projects subject must be related to patient management in hospitals, use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as enhancers in the biomedical sector, remote emergency care, care for patients with risky diseases, consumption and enhancement of the use of application interface in the environment biomedical and preventive diagnosis technology in chronic diseases.

The Vice President of Tijuana Innovator, Alejandra Santos, said that young people from Cetys, UABC, ITT, UTT, Ibero, Cesun, Xochicalco, Grupo Educativo 16 de Septiembre among others, as well as professionals, are being called, seeking to register 150 people,

Registration https://biomed-tech-hackathon.devpos

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