29 enero, 2023

Citric crops reach almost 12 thousand acres in Mexicali Valley in 2020: Federal Agriculture and Rural Development representative in Baja California


In addition to traditional crops, such as wheat, cotton, vegetables, and fodder, various citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit are also produced, which during 2019 produced a higher production at 3,966 tons, mainly orange, in the Mexicali Valley, according to the representative of the State Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the State, Juan Manuel Martínez Núñez, reported that citrus fruits are part of the «perennial» crops, that is, those that are planted all year, he pointed out that last year, the Rural Development District 002, Río Colorado -Valle de Mexicali-, had an established area of 301 hectares, distributed as follows: orange 201.5 hectares, lemon 82.5 hectares, grapefruit 11 hectares and 6 hectares from lime.

The 2019 citrus production was 3,966 tons mainly oranges 2,910 tons, lemon 816 tons, grapefruit 166.5 tons and lime 73.5 tons. Having profits between 18.6 million pesos and the beneficiaries were members of the citric productive chain region. He said that around 66 production units develop the production and marketing of citrus; they are located mainly in the agricultural fields belonging to the Rural Development Support Centers (CADER) Colonias Nuevas and Guadalupe Victoria. Martínez Núñez, clarified that most of the production is commercialized fresh, in the regional market, to cover the demand for greengrocers, self-service stores, tacos and restaurants and other businesses, dedicated to the production and sale of fresh water and other various goodies. Finally, the Manager of DDR 002, Río Colorado, Carlos Zambrano Reyes, reported that, in 2020, there is an area of 341 hectares of citrus, in the entire Valley of Mexicali with 301 in Production

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