29 mayo, 2023

San Felipe Government achieves correct garbage management with a real landfill to manage 40 tons weekly


Using material, economic and human resources, it’s been possible to improve the operation of the new sanitary landfill in the municipality of San Felipe and with these actions an adequate management of the garbage which is generated in the city, at a rate of 40 tons each week, said the president of San Felipe Foundation Municipal Council, José Luis Dagnino López.

He assured that the Government of the Seventh Municipality (and the newest one) has worked responsibly, and after seven months of Mr. Dagnino´s Administration, the services provided to citizens have improved.

He also said that the support of Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, San Felipe has been key, helping San Felipe to improve the provision of services to which the Council President has to deliver to all residents.

Dagnino explained that a problem that had not been addressed when San Felipe was part of the municipality of Mexicali, was the management of garbage in a sanitary landfill, which in fact was nothing but an open-air dump.

“The garbage was thrown away there, on the soil forming waste mountains which were very likely to caught fire, and it happened many times, and wreaked havoc on air quality throughout San Felipe urban area, wind gusts carried stinking polluting smoke all over the port.

Dagnino said that this situation had to be solved, a new place for a sanitary landfill was built, which would truly operate as such, “the garbage is no longer in the wide open air, it is kept covered so the pollution problems may be avoided, thus having a way to dispose garbage properly.

Dagnino explained that, with efficient management of San Felipe municipality resources, garbage fires have been obliterated, thanks to the new sanitary landfill and so has environmental contamination. “With the will and the support of the citizens, we are making San Felipe move forward,” said the Foundation Municipal Council President.

San Felipe Municipality manages 40 tons (about 80 thousand pounds of garbage every week, and now it os more properly disposed of in a real landfill.

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