10 diciembre, 2023

Zofemat Los Cabos fosters awareness in order to protect and conserve sea turtles that spawn in the beaches this season


In order to promote and give continuity to protection and conservation programs of species with presence in the area, such as several marine turtles subspecies which dwell in Los Cabos beaches, the Municipal Coordination of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) of Los Cabos, reinforces awareness in the main beaches of this popular and important tourist destination, before the season of sea turtle arrival.

ZOFEMAT staff, explained and stressed the relevance of the sea turtle spawning in Los Cabos beaches and the utmost need to take good care of them, a natural wonder.

The environmental education coordinator of Zofemat in Cabo San Lucas, Karina De La O Uribe, reported that the coasts of the municipality are privileged to receive sea turtles that come to spawn and it is important to involve the population and visitors through the promotion of actions and environmental values.

This part of the job of the Zofemat staff who visited El Corsario beach, where 12 families received information about sea turtles, and the recommendation to notify Zofemat authorities in case of finding a spawning specimen, and not to interfere with them.

She also stressed that during these awareness days, the importance of cleaning the beaches is also promoted among visitors, in addition to the proper management of solid waste that is produced in these important spaces of the municipality. Finally, Karina de La O Uribe invited the commitment of the XIV City Council of Los Cabos to continue promoting actions for the conservation of the environment and ecosystems, as well as permanent work aimed at respect and harmony with the planet.

Popular beaches as EL CORSARIO, are part of ZOFEMAT concern so they talk to the families attending the sand and water and explain why it is relevant to protect and respect sea turtles.

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