7 febrero, 2023

Drunk swordsman and truck thief arraigned by the FGE in San Felipe, reported the FGE


A man, identified as JOSÉ ISIDRO «N», after drinking alcohol for several hours, arrived drunk at his home, on Mar de Ireland Street in Los Arcos, San Felipe, and tried to kill his wife with a steel sword, throwing several blows aiming to kill her, without success, according to the reports by the Mexicali Regional Prosecutor’s Office, San Felipe Unit.

The source of his rage against his wife, was that she intends to sell the land they live on; so when he attacked her, the woman asked her son for help, who struggled with his father trying to submit him, managing to remove the sword, taking advantage of his father’s advanced drunken state and immediately called 911 for help.

JOSE ISIDRO was arrested and taken to Mexicali PD Headquarters, he was brought before the Control Judge, who declared the detention legal and issued a warrant for the savage drunken swordsman to be prosecuted for the crime of family violence, and imposed a precautionary measure of pre-trial detention, as well as a period of two months for complementary investigation.

In other facts, according to the investigation folder, on August 9, the accused ROQUE «N» was in a self-service store on Calzada Chetumal and Olmos street, also in San Felipe, he saw a Freightliner truck, 2012, white, with border plates, he realized that the engine was running and without a driver, so it was easy for him to board it and flee the scene.

When the driver of the tractor-trailer realized that his vehicle had been stolen, he called the police, who arrested the accused at the military checkpoint on Federal Highway number 5, km 142 from San Felipe to Mexicali.

During the arraignment hearing, ROQUE «N» was linked to a process with a precautionary measure of preventive detention for the crime of vehicle theft, setting the Judge a period of two months for the complementary investigation.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) strengthens the work of prosecuting crime through investigative methods to clarify the facts, seeking that those responsible be brought to justice and not leave unpunished crimes that lacerate the integrity of Baja Californians.

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