22 marzo, 2023

Canada Dry Unveils New Branding Rooted in 100+ Years of Relaxed Refreshment


Canada Dry® is thrilled to unveil its new visual brand identity that will be applied to all Company assets, including Canadian favourite since 1904, Canada Dry Ginger Ales and classic mixers, such as Club Soda and Tonic Water. This rebranding is a tribute to the brand’s iconic heritage and personifies the meaning of authentic refreshment, quenching your thirst with each comforting sip.

While things may look different, Canadians can rest assured knowing any changes to the brand are outward only; the familiar great taste of Canada Dry isn’t going anywhere. “This new look encapsulates everything Canada Dry stands for, as a brand grounded in nostalgia, but always facing the future for growth,” said Keurig Dr Pepper Canada Vice President of Marketing, Tebbie Chuchla. “As we focus on strategically growing this brand with the next generation of Canada Dry fans, evolving the brand’s identity so that it better resonates with both current and future users will be critical to Canada Dry’s success. We know that Canada Dry will remain a central part of our consumers’ lives and the beverage they return to for a comforting taste of home.

Hallmarks of the newly unveiled branding include a return to Canada’s Dry’s iconic essence. Signature visual elements are retained and strengthened, such as the classic Canada Dry shield, and the latitude and longitudinal lines, which signify the map of Canada. The logo has been streamlined, for a clean and modern look behind the newly redrawn wordmark.

This bright new look is bold, sharp and clear; cutting through with confidence and informed by heritage. Each element combines to modernize the overall design while championing the brand’s legacy. The winning design outperformed in all key metrics during testing, including stopability, ownability and findability, to ensure the new look makes an impact with consumers on the shelf.

With more than 100 years as an enduring part of Canadians’ best memories, this new brand identity will better reflect the unique personality of Canada Dry. “Whether kicking back after a long day, or soaking up a sunny afternoon with friends, Canada Dry is about taking in a moment of simplicity to refresh and relax in our fast-paced lives,” said Erika Maddox, Brand Manager at Keurig Dr Pepper Canada. “The goal of this brand evolution is to contemporize our look for a new generation while staying true to the familiar refreshment and heritage that Canadians know and love.”

Canada Dry’s new look is highlighted in the brand’s new ‘Tastes Like Home’ campaign, across social media and has started to roll out on shelves across the country.

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