22 marzo, 2023

Eighteen people have died of heatstroke in Mexicali this summer


There have been 18 dead people in Mexicali this summer, victims of the extreme heat of, the high levels of humidity have increased in an atypical way this season and the temperatures have been fluctuating around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a report from the Coroner´s Office in Mexicali, which stated that all of them suffered heatstroke.

The eighteen deaths have been determined to be heatstroke attacks, and the temperature average continue to increase, when the worst part of the season is yet to come, and most of the victims were homeless who roam the city under the blazing sun and between 105 and 120 degrees.

The Coroner Medical Service reported that on Monday, August 1, victim 18, an unidentified man between 50 and 55 years of age was found on a public road, at 2391 Lago Hudson Avenue in the Xochimilco neighborhood, around 7:30 in the afternoon.

The cause of death determined by the Coroner was heat stroke, the body of this person remains in the facilities of SEMEFO (Coroner) Mexicali next to the Vicente Guerrero Park, the deceased does not show any particular signs, he was five feet and five inches tall.

The forecast for August is not optimistic, the heatwave is expected to continue all this month, so the Sanitary Jurisdiction authorities as well as the State Secretary of Health, advise people to avoid going out during the hardest hours which is from one to seven o´clock, to ingest enough fluids, mostly water.

If it were necessary to go outdoors during the extreme heat hours of the day, it is recommended to wear light clothes and a hat, as well as to apply sunscreen in order to prevent from suffering severe sunburn.

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