24 marzo, 2023

Mexicali cops and firemen save a 25 year old man from drowning in an irrigation canal in Mexicali Valley


The immediate action of Mexicali PD cops, who, responding an emergency report to emergency 911, managed to save the life of a man who was floating semi-conscious adrift in an irrigation canal in the Valley of Mexicali, he was about to drown but the fast reaction of the police officers saved his life.

Officer Ramón Guadalupe Gutiérrez García, of Mexicali PD, saved the life of the 25-year-old man, who, somehow fell into the canal in Ejido Cuernavaca a community in the Mexicali Valley, Gutierrez García entered the water to rescue the man, provided him with first aid and got him to breathe and regain consciousness.

After they rescued the young man, they gave him Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and he survived thanks to the timely intervention of the cops who arrived before anyone else at the scene, the so-called first respondent, but also to paramedics from the Mexicali Fire Department.

On Monday night, the Command, Control and Computing Center (C4) received an urgent call reporting a man who was drowning, the irrigation water gush of the irrigation canal of Ejido Cuernavaca dragged a man who could not swim and did not react to the calls of those who shouted at him from the shore.

Almost immediately, patrols of the Municipal Police were mobilized and the officers García Lizárraga and Ramón Guadalupe Gutiérrez García were the first respondents, as they arrived at the place they saw a body being dragged by the irrigation channel water flow, which was running at a very high speed, subject was unable to do anything, officer Gutiérrez Lizárraga jumped into the water and swam towards the man.

Arriving next to him, the officer managed to hold him and swim towards the shore carrying him in his arms, his patrol partner helped him get the man out of the water, paramedics and an ambulance from the Mexicali Fire Department were already waiting for him on the shore, they applied Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR in English) trying to save his life.

The timely application of CPR made it possible, after a few seconds of suspense, for the 25-year-old to react and catch his breath, the paramedics noted that the vital signs were normal, they stressed that the immediate and heroic action of Officer Gutiérrez García managed to the person will react in time.

Mexicali Firemen and Cops, Fire Department and Police Department working together, managed to save the life of a 25-year-old man who was drowning in an irrigation canal in ejido Cuernavaca, in Mexicali Valley, just a few miles East of Mexicali.

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