4 octubre, 2023

State Attorney investigates the death of a womam, found lying on Tijuana’s Corredor 2000 blvd.


The Baja California State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) investigates and works to determine and clarify the possible causes for which Adriana Elena “N” lost her life, in a case that began on May 27 with a report to the 911 line. , about a person who was lying in the vicinity of Bulevar Corredor 2000, the woman was transferred to the Tijuana General Hospital.

On May 28 of the current year, a report was received from the medical authorities of the General Hospital of Tijuana, who reported that around 03:15 hours the person who had been admitted the day before had already died.

Subsequently, the husband of the deceased today went to SEMEFO on May 29, 2022, where he saw the body of a woman he recognized as his wife, who in life bore the name of Adriana Elena, who left on May 27. May around 3:20 p.m. from the Pacific Industrial Park, heading to the El Pipila neighborhood, to later go to the El Florido neighborhood, in the company of a relative to receive some items that they had bought online.

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