30 mayo, 2023

Violent arsonist tried to burn down his sister’s house in Mexicali

The cases of arsonists have continued in Mexicali, for the last few days, first a man tride to set a church on fira en Good Friday and now another deranged man tried to burn down his sister´s house.

In the early hours of Monday, April 18, a man identified as JULIO CESAR “N”, attacked, assaulted his sister, and started a fire at her house, but the intervention of Police and Firefighters prevented a tragedy from occurring.

A domestic violence episode occurred early Monday in Villas de la República, a section in Eastern Mexicali, where agents of Mexicali PD, were responding to a report  and they came face to face with the violent man trying to attack his sister.

JULIO CESAR “N” deranged individual who attacked and battered his sister and then tried to set her house on fire.

They exerted physical force to protect the 42-year-old woman, who was allegedly assaulted by her brother who supposedly threatened to set the house on fire, tt was 03:49 A.M. on Monday, when C-4 reported the episode,

So the closest police unit to the scene showed up immediately at the home on Villa Allende Avenue and Villa Estrella Street, where they interviewed the woman, who stated that her brother had been acting aggressive, intimidating her.

The victim reported that her blood relative threatened to burn down the house with her inside, at which time the alleged aggressor began to set fire to the home, causing partial damage to the living room, as well as one of the rooms, as the fire spread rapidly inside, the woman fled to safety and called 911.

After the arrival of the municipal police officers, the support of fire extinguishing machines from the Mexicali Fire Department was requested, while the officers proceeded to arrest the person identified as Julio Cesar “N”, 30 years old, who was transferred to the Sub Command. East Zone for the corresponding legal procedures.

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