29 mayo, 2023

Mean dogs attacked a 76 year-old woman in Mexicali, she was badly hurt but now she´s stable according to IMSS

A 74-year-old woman was treated at Clinic 30 of the IMSS (Mexicao´s Social Security Institute), she had serious wounds all over the body and the head, on Friday morning she was attacked by wild dogs, at least one pack that caused her serious injuries, according to information on social media, she was hospitalized in IMSS Clinic 30, where her health status is reported as stable.

On Friday morning, on a surveillance tour of Benito Juárez Avenue, the T-152 patrol driven by agent Acevedo Torres Manuel saw a white Toyota Echo, plates 6JKS088, driven well over the speed limit by Francisco Javier Ledezma Domínguez, 30 years old, according to a press release of Mexicali PD.

The driver called for help, he was taking Luisa García Maldonado, 76 years old, to the hospital, she had a concussion and a very serious injury in her skull and scalp detachment, due to the attack of the group of dogs, she arrived at the aforementioned clinic at approximately 06:49 hours.

Stray dogs are the result of the irresponsibility of many dog owners and it is a public health problem that must be taken care of by veterinarians in a City Hall Animal Control Center, it is public health policy and must be taken care of by professionals.

The victim’s head injuries, according to a medical source, are: “Significant loss of approximately 40-45% of the scalp, which also involves the frontal region, with exposure of the periosteum of the skull.”

According to IMSS sources, Mrs. García Maldonado remained under observation, being reported as stable, with a positive prognosis, however, according to medical sources, an injury of this nature would require at least 72 hours of hospitalization.

There are questions that need to be answered: Are those stray dogs? Exactly how many dogs were there? Is there someone who could be responsible or accountable for these dogs?

On the other hand, there is the problem of Animal Control in the City of Mexicali, it is a public health policy that must be in the hands of veterinarians, to establish criteria for managing this serious problem of stray dogs and do something about those people who do not know the responsibility of having a dog.

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