29 mayo, 2023

San Felipe´s Holy Week revives after two years of health crisis said Mexicali PD Chief Pedro Ariel Mendívil


This year´s spring vacation, which coincides with the Catholic´s Holy Week, revived in San Felipe, which had been a traditional vacation spot for this time of the year but was cancelled in 2020 due to the health worldwide crisis.

Then in 2021, San Felipe opened to visitors again, but with attendance limitations in public spaces, restaurants, bars and hotels, but this year there were thousands of Mexicali residents visiting San Felipe.

Holy Week was once again a huge party in San Felipe after two years of pandemic and confinement, this year 93 thousand tourists arrived at the port, with a “white balance”, that is, without deaths to mourn, according to Mexicali PD director, Pedro Ariel Mendívil.

There were several people arrested at the port, 26 were for misdemeanors and only one detained for a felony, according to Mexicali PD reports, a quiet week, taking into account that almost 100 thousand visitors arrived in San Felipe.

In the Mexicali valley, there were six deaths in car accidents during the Easter holidays, Mendívil said, highlighting the accident where an active military man lost his life on Easter Sunday in the Saltillo ejido in the valley.

There was constant surveillance in parks and recreational centers in the city, the valley and in support of the Municipality of San Felipe, such as the airport dunes, Arroyo Hondo, La Rumorosa, Parque Guerrero and other places where the flow of visitors was very numerous.

The main concerns of the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM) during the Safe Holy Week operation were to avoid alcohol consumption in combination with driving, however, there was an acceptable balance despite the deaths, said Mendívil.

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