29 mayo, 2023

Drunk driver who crashed into two police cars in San Felipe, arrested for public property damage and DUI


Around one o’clock in the morning on Friday, March 18, agents of San Felipe Municipal Police, during a routine surveillance tour, saw a Ford Expedition speeding along Chetumal Avenue and Mar de Las Flores Road, when they demanded the driver to stop, he paid no attention and stepped on the gas,

Trying to escape he crashed into the frontal side of the police car, Mexicali PD reported in a press release, however, the driver, identified as MISAEL ALEJANDRO, 20 years old, tried to ruin from the accident site but he collided with another police unit, which was arriving answering to the to the backup request from the first unit.

The 20 year old was driving under the influence of alcohol, he was pulled over by the Police and he tried to flee, he wound up crashing against two police cars.

MISAEL ALEJANDRO was arrested and transferred to the Municipal Police facilities in San Felipe, to turn him over to the corresponding authority, for the crimes of damaging public property of the San Felipe City Council and driving while intoxicated with alcohol.

The damaged vehicles are 1997 Gray Ford Expedition with California license plates; Ford F150 Pick Up Patrol Unit in White color model 2019 with Economic Number 413 A and Ford F150 Pick Up Patrol Unit in White color model 2015 with Economic Number 1604.

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