10 diciembre, 2023

One of San Felipe’s most wanted felons, arraigned by the State Attorney General


 Very dangerous an individual, considered a “person of interest” for San Felipe law enforcement authorities, was arraigned by the State Attorney, he is accused of family violence and injuries, in fact, he has a long criminal record, a huge rap sheet, including a wide array of felonies.

Thus, the authorities have classified him as “highly dangerous”, a subject who, apparently, has a life story of alleged crimes, which range from domestic violence and robbery, animal abuse and carrying prohibited weapons, to drug dealing at street level.

It all happened in the night of December 13, 2020, at a house on Santa Catarina street, in San Felipe, when JOSUE RAFAEL “N” AKA “El Telo” had a violent argument with the victim, a woman, even a neighbor came to treat to support the woman, wha was being verbally and physically attacked.

Angry due to the neighbor´s attitude, “El Telo” became really upset and tried to beat both the woman and the neighbor, who had tried to help her, but he didn´t know he was facing an alleged dangerous criminal, with a long and varied criminal career in terms of the crimes he has (supposedly) committed.

JOSUÉ RAFAEL is related to several investigation folders for various crimes, among them: Burglary, qualified injuries due to kinship, drug related crimes, injuries, grand theft auto, dismantling stolen vehicles, damage to private and/or public property , carrying a prohibited weapon, even animal mistreatment or cruelty, violent robbery and several other crimes.

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Mexicali, through the Foreign Unit of San Felipe, obtained the link to the process of a subject, considered a priority objective in the port.

During the hearing to formulate charges, JOSUÉ RAFAEL “N” was linked to the process for the crimes of family violence and qualified injuries, and preventive detention was granted as a precautionary measure, as well as two months for the complementary investigation.

Therefore, based on the evidence presented by the agent of the Public Ministry attached to the Foreign Investigation Unit of San Felipe, the control judge granted preventive detention as a precautionary measure and two months to close the investigation.

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