23 septiembre, 2023

Man who vandalized San Felipe Police Station was turned to the State Attorney Office


Upon returning from his surveillance tour through the streets of San Felipe, on the night of Tuesday, February 21, an agent of the Municipal Police saw a detainee in the jail of the Police Station, and immediately recognized him as the person who had caused damage to one of the surveillance cameras and the lamp in Cell #2.

The alleged culprit of vandalizing municipal facilities in San Felipe responds to the name of Deciderio “X”, 39 years old, he was arrested for scandals on the streets of San Felipe, for which the Police agent decided to report him for the crime of public property damage.

Appearance of the internal surveillance team of the San Felipe Police Headquarters that was damaged by Deciderio “N”, who was arrested for scandalizing on public roads and when he was detained he was recognized by a police officer, for which he was sent to the State Attorney General’s Office to determine their legal situation in this case of vandalism.

Deciderio “X” had decided, in a fit of fury or perhaps “cold turkey” a deprivation syndrome caused by the lack of drugs, he attacked an IC Real Time surveillance camera and a 30 cm x 30cm lighting lamp, that were in cell 32 of the San Felipe Municipal PD Station located on the corner of Isla de Cedros and Mar Negro in the downtown area of San Felipe.

Deciderio “X” was placed at the disposal of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) so that its legal situation can be defined and, if this case proceeds, to be tried for damage to public property, for damage to the property of San Felipe municipal offices, which might as well be considered a felony.

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