29 enero, 2023

Ambassador Ken Salazar and CdMx Governor Claudia Sehinbaum visit new embassy construction site


The relationship with Mexico is forever and «can go deeper», communication has been very good, and we need a good neighbor policy, it is important for us to be good neighbors to all the people who live here, said US ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar.

He explained that 40 million Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, live in the United States, half of Oaxacans already live in Chicago, Los Angeles or other cities. There are challenges, but the reality is that the relationship is forever in the economy, in culture, in education.

Ken Salazar explained that this embassy does not yet have an opening date, but with the help of Claudia Sheinbaum, the government and the neighbors, we will reach a time when it can be opened.

During a tour with the Mexico City Governor, Claudia Sheinbaum, in the construction site of the new diplomatic headquarters in the Irrigación neighborhood of CdMx, Ms. Sheinbaum reported that the project is 70% complete and the investment is one billion dollars. Dollars.

The possibility of building a park that brings benefits to the neighbors and the embassy is contemplated and now we are committed to working to see how we can make more parks and plant more trees, Salazar said.

He reiterated his gratitude to the president of the capital «Thank the government of Mexico City and the leadership of Claudia Sheinbaum.»

For her part, the Head of Government of Mexico City specified that the project was authorized in 2015, when the urban and environmental impact guarantees were given. The work is developed in 60 thousand square meters of construction and with other works; they add up to 100 thousand square meters.

He pointed out that a worktable was established and a dialogue with the authorities and neighbors began.


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