29 septiembre, 2022

IMSS representative makes fun of all of us»: Relatives of Keren, lethal malpractice victim in Clinic 30


«The Federal Representative of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Desiree Sagarnaga, wants to make fun of us, she states that the cesarean section of my wife was successful and it was not, she is lying and, I repeat, she is making fun of us and of you, and believes that with two false dismissals she has already «washed» her stain,” assured the husband of Keren Vallejo, the young mother who died about two weeks ago at the IMSS.

As the reader might remember, Keren Vallejo is a young mother who gave birth a couple of weeks ago, it was a “C Section”, and she had an internal bleeding that caused her death, and her case has become an evidence of how the IMSS doesn’t serve the people as it should and that there was something “fishy” in Keren’s death.

There should be no cover-up, it is what it is, what we have been seeing is the truth and the evidence is there, we hope that a trial will be in order to solve this pitiful death, accountability must be established in accordance with the Law», said Keren’s husband who also said: «I want to clarify that in the IMSS there are very valuable people with a lot of ethics, but there are also others who seem to have forgotten that oath they made and have left behind their vocation of service”.

There was a demonstration with almost a hundred people protesting the death of Keren in front of the IMSS Clinic where she died, due to apparent negligence, with an open investigation file in the State Prosecutor’s Office, an accusation of homicide against the person or persons accountable for this tragical event, one more case of carelessness and lack of equipment in the IMSS, one more death in the Social Security Instiutute, nothing new, but this time the culprits have to pay.

The Social Security Mexican Institute clinics and medical services have been criticized for its low quality and most of the doctor and nurses’ zero commitment with the patients, there are really scary stories about its clinics and bad medical service, this time it was young Keren Vallejo who died for alleged negligence, which the State Representative of the institution tried or is trying to cover to “save face”.

After the cesarean section, for some reason Keren began to lose a lot of blood and it was necessary to apply an ultrasound, the problem is that the equipment they had at the Clinic at that time was not working, so she had to be transferred to another clinic, a waste of time that might have been instrumental in the young mother’s demise.

«We are in the investigation stage, there is sufficient data in the case file, the accusation is for homicide against four people who participated in Keren’s delivery,» said Arturo Verdugo Camacho, a lawyer for the victim’s family, her uterus was torn and  that caused an internal bleeding which triggered the series of events that led to the death of Keren Vallejo.

It must be shown, about the ultrasound equipment that did not work, there was already a history of faults or missing parts or components, said the lawyer, even the doctor who treated her in Recovery, had to go to his car for his own equipment.

“In fact, I have learned that IMSS doctors are forbidden from using their own equipment and the Institute has threatened them that, if they bring their equipment in, they will no longer let them take it out, which is completely irregular,” said the lawyer.

Meanwhile, the demonstration continued its course, with a call for justice to be done, an estrangement for Desiré Sagarnaga, who for many people was not up to the circumstances and who has wanted to get out of the way by diverting attention and with truths to stockings or buried lies, in a sample of the deterioration of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, which is nothing new but has worsened.

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