29 septiembre, 2022

Mexicali PD officers rescued El Salvador immigrants who got lost in the desert near Los Algodones


Three immigrants from El Salvador were rescued in the middle of the desert, near Banco Cuervitos in Los Algodones, by Mexicali PD, officers last Monday at around noon, fortunately temperatures are not high so they were only stunned and lost but their life wasn´t at risk of heatstroke or any other heat related health problem.

Mexicali PD radio central informed that they had received a report from the US Border Patrol, telling them the exact location where three people had been seen lost and confused, asking for help, one of them had heart problems and osteoporosis, and their lives were in danger.

Mexicali desert has been the grave of many immigrants, these days there are no heatwaves, but there are snakes and other dangerous animals and immigrants may get lost and wander aimlessly until they die, there is always hazard in the desert, fortunately Mexican and American authorities worked together and saved three Salvadorians who had gotten lost

The Mexicali Police Department of Algodones sent officers to check on the matter and they found three people, all of them from El Salvador, they were a 59 year old man and a 56 year old woman, she was the one suffering from a heart condition and osteoporosis, and another woman, she is 35 years old and also hails from El Salvador.

They were given first aid attention and water, and then they were taken to Los Algodones, bit there is no information about their whereabouts now, that is, if they were taken to a shelter or to the National Immigration Institute but it is most probable that they were taken to a Immigrants Shelter, to be given medical attention.

Large amounts of immigrants have been arriving to Mexicali, some hailing from Haiti and others from Central America, mainly from Guatemala and El Salvador, some of them have strived and gotten a job in Mexicali, mostly Haitians, and others aim to cross the border searching for job opportunities in the USA.

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