23 septiembre, 2023

Sunshine Rodríguez arraigned in Hermosillo, San Felipe fishermen leader may be sentenced to 10 years

SOURCE: https://podermx.tv/

Sunshine Rodríguez, San Felipe fishermen leader,  is now in Hermosillo (capital of the state of Sonora) in a federal prison, arraigned for totoaba bladder (buche) traffic, sources confirmed Thursday noon that he had been taken there along with other two people who had also been arrested in Mexicali last Wednesday, ha is accused of organized crime racketing and crimes against the environment, if found guilty, each one of them may face sentences of at least 10 years in prison.

sunshine rodriguez
PHOTO: https://podermx.tv/

The alleged totoaba bladder traffickers were arrested in San Felipe on Tuesday early hours, taken to the Republic General Attorney offices in Mexicali and then they were put on plane and flied to Hermosillo, Sonora where they were delivered to the Organized Crime Investigation Special Sub Attorney.

The authority who was in charge of the arrests and transportation of the three men
hasn´t issued any information regarding the suspects, all information is unofficial and gathered from several sources, among the detained are: Sunshine Rodriguez Peña, Enrique García Sánchez, Carmen Avila and Gastón Parra, all of them were arraigned in Hermosillo on Thursday morning and they will face trial in jail.

Relatives and friends of Enrique Garcia Sánchez, aka “Kiki”, is asking for support to be able to travel to Sonora and pay the lawyer and medical treatment he needs because of his condition, he had been shot and wounded by marines form the Mexican Navy in March 19.

Many people think that the ban imposed on San Felipe fishermen is the beginning of the problem, that the vaquita marina is not more valuable than a community like San Felipe and that the Totoaba capture ban has no reason to be since the Baja California State University has been working on the recovery of the species for years, so there is no need to forbid its capture.


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