3 octubre, 2023

Man murdered in Mexicali on Thursday morning, he received more than 10 shots

SOURCE: https://podermx.tv/

In the morning of Thursday, November 12, a man was murdered in Colonia Industrial, one of the most watched areas in Mexicali, the man was murdered when he was in his car, the shooters of this violent homicide escaped, everything happened at about 9:30 when several people called 911 to report they had heard shots on the corner of Carroceros Avenue and G Street.

The reports informed about a man shot in his car a black Jeep Cherokee with California license plates, there were at least ten shots fired against the victim who was identified as JOSE LUIS “X”, Mexicali PD officers arrived to the spot, since there is a police station near the crime scene.murdered

The officers reported that the incident was positive, that there was a man, about 40 years old, with gunshot wounds, who had been murdered, who had taken another person to a dental office very near the crime scene near the aforementioned corner when a car approached him and shoot several times and then fled the scene, it seems that another man helped him.

Red Cross paramedics arrived to the place a few minutes later, only to confirm the man was dead, the officers sealed the scene and waited for the forensics and CS detectives from the State Attorney General office who started to work on the area at about 14:00 hours, four and a half hours after the man was killed.

Two blocks from there, a grey Lexus  was found, with California license plates, inside there was a 9 millimeter hand gun, it is believed that it was the car they used to speed away from the corner where the had murdered the man, by Thursday afternoon, detectives hadn´t figured out the motive for the killing.



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