29 septiembre, 2022

International Mother Language Day celebrates Ensenada´s ethnic diversity and heritage


Around 76 thousand people of ethnic groups from Oaxaca, Veracruz and Guerrero live in Ensenada, in addition to almost 2 thousand people from the region’s native groups that are Cochimí, Cucapá, Kumiay, Kiliwa and Pa-ipai, each one with their own “mother tongue», said Ensenada Mayor Armando Ayala Robles, during the International Mother Language Day» celebration.

Ayala Robles said that people from Ensenada, are proud to live in this municipality, where indigenous populations have settled in Ensenada, they carefully preserve their languages and other traditions which some of them brought here form distances of more than 2 thousand miles, from southern States

During the celebration on the Municipal House square, it was stressed that the International Decade of the Indigenous Languages ​​2022-2032 has just begun, with attendance representatives of the native and settled indigenous communities in the six municipalities of Baja California.


The UN proclaimed February 21st, as a manifesto that languages and multilingualism promote inclusion and that the objectives of sustainable development focus on not leaving them in oblivion.

“We know that linguistic diversity is increasingly threatened with disappearing, taking away a great cultural and intellectual heritage of Ensenada, our entity and our country”, Armando Ayala commented in his speech.

He also said that it is important to promote mother tongues and indigenous traditions, which are already part of education, of which Ensenada born natives and immigrants should feel proud.

Mayor Ayala said in an somewhat emotional message, that «the ‘ensenadenses’ are proud of where they come from, their languages and territories, as well as of their utmost dedication to preserving family values, culture and the idiosyncrasy that makes us authentic» .

He stressed that February 21st Indigenous Mother Tongues, is a celebration of the linguistic diversity and multilingual education in this coastal municipality of Baja California, where many native populations from several different states settle down seeking for a better life and development.

Mayor Ayala Robles’ speech was preceded by a traditional ritual of blessing, by Angelica Sandoval González, an indigenous native of the Pa-Ipai town of Santa Catarina, and honors to the Mexican flag.

Ensenada Councilor Norma Angelica Silva Aguirre, president of the Education Commission in City Hall, mentioned that Ensenada has a native or immigrant indigenous population estimated at 76 thousand people mainly from Oaxaca, Veracruz and Guerrero; in addition to the native groups Cochimí, Cucapá, Kumiay, Kiliwa and Pa-ipai, who total about on thousand 963 people.

She said that, according to the federal Ministry of Culture, in Baja California there are five indigenous mother tongues, these being Ku’ahl, Kumiay, Pa-Ipai, Kiliwa and Cucapá, which must be promoted and preserved as a cultural heritage.

There other personalities attending the: Salomón Luiz Alvarado Juárez, Pueblos Indígenas (Indigenous Peoples) Director; Norma Elvia Martínez Santos, Municipal Cabinet coordinator; Councilor Teresita Zepeda Montes, President of City Hall’s Indigenous Peoples Commission; and Eduardo Vega Zamora, from the Department of Social Welfare; and native and immigrant indigenous representatives.

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