7 febrero, 2023

Bisbee Fishing Tournament may give Los Cabos economy a mega-boost among COVID19 crisis


(Image: http://www.bisbees.com/home)

The Bisbee’s fishing tournaments, which bring an estimated 12 million dollar injection to Los Cabos economy, is a very prestigious fishing tournament which has been held in Cabo San Lucas every year for about four decades, giving a mega boost to Los Cabos economy, that might come to alleviate the severe financial disaster caused by the COVID19 pandemics in one of Mexico´s most important tourist destinations, so BISBEES BLACK AND BLUE, to take place form October 20 to 24, might as well become the leap forward Los Cabos needs to recover after the lonely days of quarantine and social distancing.

In 2006, the crew of a ship named Bad Company, won 3 million 902 thousand 997 dollars, which is a record for the tournament’s 40-year trajectory, and there have been 16 teams that have received prizes of one million dollars and more.

And while other fishing tournaments in Costa Rica, Florida and the Bahamas have been canceled, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bisbee’s goes on by adopting a very strict set of protocols and health preventive measures for the tournament to take place.

In the beginning, it was just for fun, it started as a 10 thousand dollars prize fishing contest among friends, it has grown four decades, to become what it is nowadays, an international must-be-at fishing competition that hopefully will give a big lift to Los Cabos fallen economy, torn by the virus.

(SOURCE: /www.bisbees.com)

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