3 octubre, 2023

Cannabis use for medical-therapeutical, an issue that has to be dealt with in Baja California State Congress


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One can be on either side of the subject, but medical use of marihuana is growing and it seems to have more rejection from the medical than the legal or political circles, since they feel there´s not enough information about the risks, even though many positive experiences by patients of several different diseases are evident.

But it is a fact that there are many medical conditions that have been successfully treated with medical marihuana, and according to information contained in the website www.health.harvard.edu/blog/medical-marijuana-2018011513085  it can alleviate certain pains the same way as opiates do, such as multiple sclerosis and nerve pain in general, and it is a very effective muscle relaxant, among many other uses, there is long way ahead, but the fact is that more and more patients are resourcing to medical pot.

For Representive Monserrat Caballero this an issue that has to be dealt with and armonize, since there is a 2017 Federal Reform to the Health General Law and the Federal Penal Code which allows substances that derive fro marihuana for medical purposes, so she urged all those involved, to set a path to make cannabis therapetuticak use a reality, even against medical and pharmaceutical “poewrs-that-be” which neglect the medical benefits of herb and its advantages on the mental and physical state of the patient using it, over the opiates, which have left a wake of death in the USA, even in the middle of the COVID29 crisis.

The Red Lotus Flower representative addressed the Commision, with Congresswoman Caballero, and her fellow lawmakers Gricelda Rodríguez, Carmen Hernandez y Julia Gonzalez, there were also other health and sanitary state representatives at the meeting

In the solitude and confinement of the State Congress building, in Mexicali, there was a conference, by Víctor Rocha Castaño, member of the director´s board of Red Lotus Flower, an NGO that advocates natural alternative medicine methods, and among them marihuana, he explained that thanks to a “grey area” in the Law, they went to court and won the right to keep treating terminal patients with active substances taken from  cannabis and other medicinal plants.

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