8 diciembre, 2023

Tomato: A very profitable crop for Baja California: Juan Manuel Martínez Núñez


Around 2200 acres with tomato cultivation have been planted in Baja California, in the agricultural fields of the Rural Development District 001, Costa Zone, with 130  acres in Protected Agriculture (shade mesh, greenhouses, etc.), with the establishment of 1 thousand 500 acres and with the traditional method, under the open sky, 361 hectares are planted.

Juan Manuel Martínez Núñez, representing the Federal Agriculture Secretary in Baja California, reported that the current spring-summer 2020-crop season scheduled would sow about 3 thousand acres. He said that the main vegetable crop areas are located in Punta Colonet, San Vicente and San Quintin, mainly with standard of 138 producers engaged in the production and marketing of red tomato, said that the red tomato is the main crop of the spring-summer agricultural cycle.

Finally, during the spring-summer 2019 agricultural cycle, in Baja California coastal are, which includes the municipalities of Tecate, Tijuana, Playas de Rosarito and Ensenada, 6 thousand acres were sown and 5  thousand 750 acres were harvested, which left a production of 150 thousand 506 tons of the vegetable and an economic benefit of more than 2 thousand 599 million pesos.

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