8 diciembre, 2023

L.A. firefighter missing in Rosarito, he’s believed to have been kidnapped in that Mexican beach resort town


A firefighter from Los Angeles, disappeared and he is believed to have been kidnapped in Rosarito in Mexico, he´s been unaccounted for since late August, when he trailed to hi family condo in Rosarito Beach, 10 miles south of Tijuana, according to LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti, who informed in a press conference, that he received information from Mexican authorities about the kidnapping of firefighter, Francisco Aguilar.

 “If this message gets to anybody who would dare kidnap an Angeleno who serves the people of Los Angeles, let him go and make sure that he is able to safely return to our city and his family,” said Mayor Garcetti in the press conference, which was streamed on the Internet.

This has gotten a lot of publicity in the U.S. media in California, but regretfully the kidnapping of an American citizen in a Mexican beach town has gotten none or little attention from Mexican news outlets. Rosarito is in the border state of Baja California between 10-15 mile south of the U.S-California border, and several American news outlets have reported that the Baja area I a hot spot of cartel violence, where opposing crime organization fight for the territory and many time innocent have gotten in the cartel war way and have been “terminated” by mistake, the problem has reached Roarito, Ensenada, Los Cabo and many other places along the Baja California peninsula.

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