22 marzo, 2023

Murderer wanted in Los Angeles was arrested in Mexicali, in a joint operation between US Marshals and State Attorney


The International Liaison office of the US Marshals, informed the Baja California State Attorney that a murderer called RONALDO “X”, a man whose profile depicted him as violent and dangerous, always armed had fled a homicide scene in Lo Angeles, driving a Yukon pickup truck and their investigation determined the man had been hiding in Mexicali for several month, in the popular housing section called Santo Niño, on the outskirts of the city, near the Mexicali-Tijuana highway.

American authorities informed that the alleged murderer, RONALDO, a 21 year old man who I that main suspect in the killing of a young man on November first 2019 in Lo Angeles, when they were taking place in clandestine quarter mile races, where he lost a race and killed his opponent with a 9 millimeter gun, hooting the other man three times and immediately fleeing the spot.

There was an arrest warrant issued against him and the US Marshals and Baja California General Attorney deployed a binational effort to find him a soon as it was determined that the man had fled to Mexican territory to evade justice, so the State Guard implemented a special operation to detain the violent and dangerous man, who was arrested and sent to the National Immigration Institute to send him back to the US to face justice.

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