4 octubre, 2023

Three men who allegedly committed a violent robbery in San Felipe’s Misión Sahuaro Camp, were arraigned by the FGE


Three cowardly criminals committed a violent robbery and illegal deprivation of liberty against a woman, San Felipe resident, in Campo Misión Sahuaro, where the man who was supposed to be in charge of security, acted in complicity with two other criminals, who beat the owner of the field, and later stole money and other things, according to a press release issued by the State Attorney (FGE).

The FGE has arraigned the men and they will remain at least three month until the next hearing, it all happened July 26 at night in a house in the Misión Sahuaro touristic field, when the two men took the owner by surprise and violently beat her and submitted her.

The investigation established that Jaime “N”, who was supposed to be the security guard of the place, was the one who allegedly planned the robbery and delivered the keys to the door to his accomplices.

The two men entered without any problem whatsoever, they stole money, electronic devices, four wallets with credit cards and personal documents, a Canadian passport, six pairs of sunglasses and various items, according to the FGE press release.

The treacherous “security guard” arrived and, in addition to the objects, they already had in their possession, ordered them to take a laptop and two cell phones, so the woman wouldn´t be able to call anyone for help. .

After his partners in crime left, Jaime tied the victim´s hands and feet, and left her in the bedroom, where she was found the next day by another security guard and a couple of residents.

The other two cowardly rats, identified as Eduardo “N” and Enedel “N”, were arraigned for qualified robbery of a house with violence, while Jaime was arraigned for qualified violent robbery and illegal deprivation of liberty, leaving the three accused men in preventive detention for three months that were granted for the complementary investigation.

The FGE stated that it works in the prosecution of crime, through investigative methods to clarify the facts, seeking that those responsible be brought to justice, and not leave unpunished crimes that lacerate the integrity of Baja Californians

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