23 marzo, 2023

Guatemalan immigrants abandoned by “coyotes” rescued and sent back home by Mexicali PD


Two immigrants, hailing from San Luis Petén, Guatemala, arrived to Mexicali, aiming to cross the border searching for the “American dream”, entering the United States with no papers, but they were abandoned by illegal immigrant traffickers,

They were rescued by Mexicali PD cops, who took them to a shelter where they ate and bathed, according to a Press release, which tells the story of a mother and son who got to Mexicali and hired “coyotes” (illegal alien traffickers) who were supposed to cross them to the USA, but left them to their own devices.

Mexicali PD, through the Crime Prevention and Citizen Proximity direction, provided comprehensive support to the mother and son, who had arrived from Guatemala, and were cheated by undocumented immigrants traffickers, in a desperate attempt to reach the United States, risking their lives.

Mother and son, hailing from Guatemala and cheated by “coyotes”, were helped to get back home by Mexicali PD

The Police Department managed to find their family in Guatemala, they took them to the shelter and financially support them so they could return home, Mexicali PD Chief Pedro Ariel Mendívil, is committed to offering all possible help in this type of cases, so they were taken to a bus and now they are travelling to their homeland.

Mendívil ordered the Unit for Attention to Vulnerable People (UNAPEV) to help the family of Guatemalan migrants who were rescued from a risky situation, after being taken for a ride and stripped of their belongings and money by alleged “polleros” which is another moniker for the “coyotes”.

Mexicali PD bought bus tickets for the two Guatemalan dreamers who had a rude awakening but were helped by cops and sent home.

Through collaboration agreements between Mexicali PD and NGOs, it was possible or them to find accommodations, refuge and a place to rest, while the Social Work area of ​​the DSPM made contact with their relatives in the United States; Mrs. Otilia, 47 years old, accompanied by her 7-year-old son, are from San Luis Petén, Guatemala.

The effort made by Mexicali PD they got a preferential rate was obtained in the acquisition of their tickets in the company Autobuses Unidos de Nayarit, in addition to contacting the Federal People Search Commissions in Mexico City and Tapachula, Chiapas, to provide them with support throughout their journey through Mexico towards Guatemala.

By Thursday afternoon they finally started the trip back home, and in a few days they will reunite with their loved ones, mother and son expressed their gratitude for all the help they received from the Mexicali Police Department, as well as from the cops, men and women, who committed to protect them.

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