9 diciembre, 2023

Logistics: The main challenge for the COVID 19 vaccine, said Sergio Robles, CETYS professor


Due to their nature of being products designed to generate immunity against disease, by stimulating the production of antibodies, vaccines have characteristics that require specialized logistics for their distribution, in order to preserve their qualities.

According to the Pan American Health Organization, most vaccines must be stored at a temperature with a maximum range of variation allowed between 2ºC and 8ºC, from its preparation until it is administered to the patient. The above, coupled with the urgency of practically all the countries in the world to stop contagion, forces the approach: is the logistics industry ready to face the challenge of the distribution of the vaccine to prevent COVID-19, once it is authorizing a formula for mass distribution?

“In the first instance, the answer implies a not so favorable reflection, but this situation represents a challenge that has forced and will continue to force the transformation of the industries involved both in the manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical companies, as well as for the actors in the logistics industry. that serve as interfaces with the market”, said Mtro. Sergio Robles Mejía, Coordinator and Academic of the International Logistics Degree at CETYS Universidad Ensenada International Campus. The accelerated production process of the drug capable of stopping the spread of the new coronavirus will be followed by the need for a distribution process that is just as fast and efficient.

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