6 febrero, 2023



 MeetKai, the Conversational AI company, announced today that it has partnered with the Los Angeles Chargers to create new and exciting experiences using conversational AI and other leading technologies.

As the «Official AI partner» of the Los Angeles Chargers, MeetKai and the team will work together to develop new in-stadium and at-home experiences – including an AI-based locker room tour – in addition to traditional partnership elements such as logo lock-ups on Chargers’ home and away media backdrops.

«Having developed a reputation for being at the forefront of the sports digital media space, we’re thrilled to partner with a technology leader like MeetKai,» said A.G. Spanos, Chargers President of Business Operations. «As tech continues to become an increasingly integral part of the world of professional football, the opportunity to leverage MeetKai’s advanced AI to connect and engage with Chargers fans all over the world, both physically and virtually, is incredibly exciting.»

The Chargers will now be able to utilize MeetKai’s revolutionary technology and advanced AI, which is capable of processing natural conversation, personalized search results and is already leveraged by more than 50 million users worldwide.

«As a Los Angeles-based company, we couldn’t be more excited to team up with our hometown Chargers to provide futuristic experiences for the team and fans everywhere,» said James Kaplan, MeetKai CEO and Co-Founder. «This partnership marks the beginning of a new kind of NFL fan experience that MeetKai is very happy to ignite.»

Weili Dai, MeetKai Executive Chairwoman and Co-Founder, added «I’m so happy to see MeetKai’s innovation and technology leadership in driving advanced AI solutions, across different industries, to better lives for all. We are extremely excited about our partnership with the Los Angeles Chargers, and I believe this will lead the pack for the sports industry.»

About MeetKai Inc.
MeetKai Inc. is a Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence company based in Los Angeles, California. Listed by Forbes as «the company leading the AI speech race,» MeetKai’s cutting-edge AI can understand complex speech, give personalized results in a natural conversation, and boast expertise about any subject. After reaching 50+ million users worldwide, MeetKai is currently dedicated to shaping the future of the metaverse by building a virtual world rooted in reality and true utility, accessible to everyone, everywhere. Visit www.meetkai.com for more info & the latest MeetKai news.

About Los Angeles Chargers
Now in their 64th season, the Los Angeles Chargers continue to stretch the imagination and put on the most exciting show in football. Behind the dramatic games, unforgettable highlights, beloved players, groundbreaking performances, idyllic Southern California setting and best uniforms in the NFL lies an uncompromising drive for success – one rooted in toughness, resilience and good old-fashioned hard work. A charter member of the American Football League, the franchise was established in Los Angeles in 1960 and called the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum home during its first year of existence. From 1961 to 2016, the team played in San Diego and advanced to five of the first six AFL Championship games ever played. The Chargers claimed the 1963 AFL title and later joined the National Football League when the two leagues merged in 1970. Since the merger, the Chargers have gone on to appear in Super Bowl XXIX and have captured an additional 10 division titles. The Chargers were purchased by construction leader, philanthropist and real estate developer Alex G. Spanos in 1984 and have been under the guidance of Spanos’ eldest son Dean, the team’s current Chairman of the Board, since 1994. Dean Spanos’ sons – A.G. Spanos, President of Business Operations, and John Spanos, President of Football Operations – oversee the day-to-day operations of the franchise. The Chargers returned to Los Angeles in 2017, began playing games in their new multi-billion-dollar SoFi Stadium home in 2020 and continue to redefine what an NFL franchise looks like in the 21st century. For more information, call 1-877-CHARGERS or visit http://www.chargers.com.

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