7 febrero, 2023

After three years, justice might me done against a man who had been abusing a minor for several years


A man, who had been abusing a 16year old minor for quite a long time, who had been accused by the girl three years ago, was at last arraigned by the State General Attorney´s Office, so he can be tried, and most likely sentenced to a long time in jail, the girl had denounced him since May 2017, and said that this abuse had been going on since she was ten years old.

The perpetrator was her stepfather, and he had threatened to harm her and her family if she dared say anything, besides he constantly told her that no one would believe her, so she had been silently suffering for several years, he was her mother´s sentimental companion and lived with them in Ampliación Nacionalista, on the western outskirts of Mexicali.

The Special Attorney for Crimes against Women for Gender Motives submitted the evidence and the judge considered that there is enough proof to lock up ISMAEL while the trial lasts and set a three month time period to close the investigation, so he will have to wat for the court´s verdict in jail.

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