8 diciembre, 2023

Mexicali-Calexico border crossing underpass construction goes on, under COVID19 protocol, it will be 150 ft. long


The underpass for pedestrians in the Mexicali-Calexico border crossing, continues in its second stage which implies a 135 million pesos investment and will be 445, 6 meters long (about 150 feet), the works continue under the most strict COVID19 prevention measures, according to a press release issued by the Federal Communications and Transportation Department, which also informed that everything goes on time as scheduled.

The underpass construction also includes an overpass for cars a railroad crossing and a pedestrians crossing, the Federal Government, thru the SCT press release, said that this sort of projects and works strengthen economic activity of the State capital, and improve the city appearance and provides a faster and safer border crossing for people walking as well as for those driving form Mexicali to the USA through the Calexico port of entry.

There was a sanitary filter installed in the construction site, in order to fulfill all the caution directions issued by Health authorities to prevent COVID19 contagion, where workers body temperature as well as oxygenation are checked, there´s a hand washing station, staff clothes and shoes are sanitized  and when they finish their day all common workstations are disinfected.   

This Works are part of the modernization of international border crossing that Mexico´s federal government has undertaken, with this underpass crossing on foot will be safer and faster, the coordination with the State Government and Mexicali municipality have allowed for this infrastructure project to be carried out swiftly and taking in consideration all the sanitary issues that COVID 19 has brought to our lives.

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