3 junio, 2023

The State Guard arrested alleged sexual abuser of a minor, she was his stepdaughter


Baja California General Attorney special agents from de Security and Investigations Guard (GESI in Spanish) executed an arrest warrant against a pervert who had been abusing his 13-year-old stepdaughter, his name is JORGE “X” and he was arrested in compliance of an arrest warrant, for Aggravated Pederasty.

The arrest warrant was conceded by the judge after a thorough investigation, everything started as of September the first when the 13 year old victim told her mother that her stepfather had been sexually abusing her for quite a long time, so the woman went to the authority (the State Attorney) to denounce the lecherous pervert she had been living with.

Investigations and follow up to the information the woman submitted to authorities, led to the man´s arrest, now he is detained and he will have to go to court where his arraignment shall be the next step, and the trial may take as long as six months.

The alleged sex abuser is being held in the Provisional Detention Center and the Control Judge will be the one who will decide if JORGE “N”, the vicious maniac who attacked the 13 year old, will remain in jail while the trial develops, and most likely he will as well as get the special treatment inmates give to minor abusers.

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