31 mayo, 2023

Terrible accident on Highway 115, near Holtville, Imperial Valley, 15 people have died so far



A spectacular accident occurred on Tuesday morning at 6:30 hours, in Imperial Valley on highway 115, near Holtville, at about 10 miles north of the Calexico-Mexicali border crossing, according to health authorities from El Centro, where the hospital received several people badly hurt because of the accident.

According to reports given, there have been 15 dead so far, fourteen died on the accident site and another one died on El Centro Hospital, where seven wounded passengers were taken in order to get medical attention, and three others were transported by helicopter to an undisclosed hospital.

It was an SUV vehicle with 27 people travelling on board, and when it collided against a trailer truck, fourteen passengers died instantly on the spot, one of the passengers who were taken to El Centro Regional Hospital, died there, and several others are in critical condition.

Rumors are spreading about the death toll reaching up to 20 people but there hasn´t been any confirmation whatsoever, the cause of the accident and other details will be provided by authorities later today.

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