4 octubre, 2023

Tijuana Social Attention unit has prevented 51 people from committing suicide in 2020: Mayor Arturo Gonzalez Cruz


Tijuana City Hall has prevented 51 people from committing suicide, the first six months of 2020, since Mayor Arturo Gonzalez Cruz has said that this is one of his main priorities: Save lives and keep the physical wellbeing of the city residents, since one of his main axis is social welfare and taking care of the people health necessities, especially those cases where the person´s emotional stability requires immediate attention.

“We have assisted 392 people in different services among them 71 suicidal attempts but we were only able to save 51 of them”, said Adán Armando Castillo Sarmiento, director of the Municipal Unit of Social Attention (UMAS in Spanish), besides that, there is the perception among experts and analysts, that the quarantine and pandemics has stressed people and suicide attempts are on the rise.

The UMAS takes care of many situations, and so far in Governor Bonilla´s administration the UMAS has taken care of 38 fires, 13 domestic violence cases, 51 deaths, 10 medical services and has given psychological support to 97 people, it has delivered blankets in the Winter, food supplies and transported one hundred the people to receive medical attention. UMAS is a service that is available 24/7, with eleven people working there, divided in three shifts of 24 by 48 hours working, and with this, Tijuana City Hall reaffirms the will to serve and help solve the most urgent necessities of the families who suffer and have to face problems, in order to make Tijuana a more livable place for all its residents.

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