1 diciembre, 2023

Governor Jaime Bonilla says that Río Tijuana’s polluted water filtrations to Rodriguez Dam, must stop


In order to verify the progress that the de-silting of the Tijuana River and Arroyo Alamar is leading, the Governor of the State, Jaime Bonilla Valdez, urged the need to end the runoff of contaminated waters that flow into the Abelardo L. Rodríguez Dam, originating from developments housing.

During the helicopter overflight, accompanied by the head of the technical area of the Secretariat for Water Management, Sanitation and Protection (SEPROA), Rigoberto Laborín Valdez, they reviewed part of the city’s water infrastructure, passing through the “Arturo Herrera ”, which has a capacity of 480 liters per second.

Arriving to “Punta Bandera” (canal where the wastes are disposed), Rigoberto Laborín agregó que esta zona era conocida como el mejor centro de capacitación de la paraestatal en México, pero quedó en el abandono, no obstante, comentó que la planta situada en esta zona estaba en perfectas condiciones en el año de 2003 y 2004. Laborín Valdez announced that a proposal from a company to build a wastewater treatment plant at no cost is being evaluated, where the Tijuana State Public Services Commission (CESPT) would sell the water to them and they would send it to the Guadalupe Valley.

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