23 septiembre, 2023

Baja California state governemnt photovoltaic park project, praised by environmentalists


Ecology and environment advocates have expressed their support and underlined the benefits that the Baja California government of a Photovoltaic macro plant, which will produce clean energy, which will solve in an economical and practical manner the electrical energy deficit for the State, said Governor Jaime Bonilla.

In his morning video conference. Governor Bonilla shared a video message made by Mexican pro-ecology activist, Arturo Islas Allende, where he acknowledges the State administration “for pushing forward the development of this photovoltaic plant and the positive impact it will generate”.

Mr. Islas also commented: “Mexican scientists, with a person who chose to join the project, decided that here in this arid place, where there is sand, 55 degrees Celsius that stem from the ground, but that might be used for the plant, one of the biggest photovoltaic parks in the world is going to be built. It is necessary to acknowledge that there are positive and good things being done here and I thank Jaime Bonilla . . .You are doing something that may change the energy precedents in Mexico”.

He also said that: “This one of the five hottest places in planet Earth, animals have been migrating from this place, year after year, since they cannot survive, they leave in search of other ecosystems in the mountains, because surviving 55 degrees Celsius when there is no shade any more, has become difficult (if not impossible) we will be able to understand the benefit this project will bring, something I never thought would happen in Mexico”

The bidding process to hire a Company for this Project, was transparent, it will be an enormous photovoltaic park, and the Company to carry out the construction is Next Energy de Mexico, and once the construction is done, will produce enough electricity to supply the Colorado River-Tijuana aqueduct, which is the main source of water for the city and even more, it will guarantee the water sovereignty for Baja California.


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