8 diciembre, 2023

While Governor Newsom shuts down California again, Mexicali restaurateurs look forward to opening soon


Economic reactivation, new normality, are terms that we wouldn´t even imagine a year ago, now in a bit more than three months, we have faced a health crisis which has sparkled an economic crisis a new manner for many people to approach life in a new sense, social distancing has been hard to cope with, and now businesses form big merchants to street vendors, as well as all kinds of service suppliers, are hoping to start operating again, and San Felipe may follow up soon.

Mexicali restaurant owners have been working hard to set up the so called “safety location” label, they even set up two surveillance tours where City Hall official Alfonso Vildósola and Marco Aurelio Gamez form state Sanitary Risk Prevention  and the president of the Restaurateurs Chamber of Mexicali, Miguel Angel Torres, checked upon several restaurants in the city, whose employees are looking forward to re-opening as of later July, after putting up a big effort to meet the standards to operate safely.

Marco Aureliio Gamez from State Risk Prevention office and Alfonso Vildósola, Economic Development Director of Mexicali

Limited entrance to 30% capacity, menus displayed on the cell phone by means of a QR code, sanitization protocols, personnel movement in and out their shift through special filters, handwashing stations all over, are among the security directions that must be observed by workers and customers.

Thorough protection for waiters, kitchen and administrative workers, all has been implemented and rehearsed by several restaurants in Mexicali, and they will give an announcement soon, the expectation is they will be reopening soon, maybe in a few days.

Meanwhile in other places such as Mexico City, where the so called “curve” hasn´t flatten a bit, activity is slowly restarting, while in places such as Florida where the graphics show alarming figures, Disney World has reopened, some countries are awakening to activity, and the World Health Organization says it´s not over, in the meantime Mexicali might be re-opening slowly, information is too much and too diverse, but business has to start again, people are suffering an economic crisis aside the COVID19 pandemics, it´s a real actual Mexican Standoff.

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