4 diciembre, 2023

Heat wave expected this weekend for Mexicali and San Felipe, with temperatures ranging between 110F and 120F degrees


The weather forecast indicates that high temperatures will occur in the Mexicali, San Luis and San Felipe region this weekend, the Baja California Government, through the Civil Protection bureau issued an alert for citizens to take precautions, said Jose Salvador Cervantes Hernandez.

The Director of Civil Protection informed that, in Mexicali expected temperatures are higher than 115F degrees and near 120°F on the valleys, on the coast there will be more than 90°F, even La Rumorosa will have more than 110°F. Therefore, it is important for the population to take precautions and be alert about these temperature readings, in the next hours.

Cervantes Hernandez made some recommendations for these days: try not to be exposed to high temperatures, maintain constant hydration, keep rooms and houses ventilated, avoid making physical activity under the sun light to prevent any kind of skin harm or even heatstroke.

Cervantes admonish the citizens to avoid doing any kind of outdoor activities to prevent forest fires, forbidding burning trash or soil cleaning with fires. Cervantes he mentioned that the days with the highest temperatures will be Thursday and then on Friday it will get lower, only to increase again on Saturday and Sunday.

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