24 marzo, 2023

A woman with an arrest warrant for drug smuggling in the US found and arrested in Mexicali by the State Guard


A woman, who was wanted in the USA, where there was an arrest warrant issued for her arrest, fled the country to hide in Mexico, to evade justice, she was arrested by the State Guard (GESI) in Colonia Satelite, a section in the Western end of Mexicali, after an investigation that started when the US Marshals notified the International Liaison of the General State Attorney that she might have been hiding in Mexicali.

She had been accused of drug smuggling, and after a thorough investigation, the State Guard, they finally located Leticia Jocelyn Ramírez, born in Imperial County on November 30 in 1992, who entered Mexico illegally, so they started a search operation, and determined she was in a house in Colonia Satelite.

Once the investigation and surveillance tasks were done, they detained Leticia Jocelyn in a house on Agua Marina Street, on the corner of Cobre Street in Colonia Satelite, where she didn’t resist and then she was taken to the National Immigratiion Institute detention facilities in Mexicali.

After the paperwork regarding her extradition, she was delivered to American authorities who transported her back to the United States where she will have to face the consequences of her actions.

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