10 diciembre, 2023

Mexicali sanitary risk director closed 2 retirement homes and one clinic for irregular operation


Two retirement homes and one clinic were temporarily suspended in Mexicali, the city´s director of the State Commission for Sanitary Risks, Marco Aurelio Gamez informed that these places offered several treatments and services to the public such as colon hydrotherapy and others, and among the main violations were: lack of operation manuals, medicines which had expired several days or weeks ago and the function notice (which an operation license of sorts)

Ixchel Clinic located in 1961 Electricistas Avenue, Libertad section; and the retirement homes “Paco´s Family” on Fernando Consag Av. In Huertas de Progreso in the outskirts of Mexicali and CAMEF retirement house in 1098 Valle de Conchos, very near the hotel area of the city, said Mr. Gamez.

Ixchel Clinic, failed to show their license to operate and lack of research protocols for the treatments they were offering to the public, such as the aforementioned colon hydrotherapy, and several other therapies: microcirculation, wellbeing with SCIO equipment, all the equipment was sequestered since they had no authorization to work with them.

Paco´s Family (la familia de Paco in  Spanish), which treats terminal patients of several diseases,  doesn´t have a sanitary responsible executive or official, there were medicines, mostly antibiotics, which had long passed their expiration dates, they were used for chronic degenerative diseases as well as anti-inflammation no steroidal  medicine and they don’t have a Civil Protection operational manual.

CAMEF retirement home lacked an operational manual so they were also temporary suspended, all these organizations have the chance of compensating all their lacks and solving all their faults, so they can be inspected again and if the comply with COEPRIS requirements, they will be allowed to operate again.

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